Counseling is best for curing Depressed

Sughra is a residential of Korangi crossing Block B since last 12 years. She was depressed due to financial conditions having maximum number of family members and lower income causing severe financial strains for her.  Family was not supporting her to marry by her choice.

By birth she belongs with Moro district Noshahro Feroze. Because of  her father’s service in nearest garments industry  her family shifted  to korangi, while her two brothers was working as labors her mother trained sughra for sewing and making other crafts made at home. She was best at tailoring and had good popularity in the neighbors.  She earns up to 1000 rupees per day in season of Eid, marriages and on other cultural events by sewing and she had regular orders as well and contributing her family mainly.

Korangi crossing is a thickly populated area with major poor population although having multiple type of industries nearby but the middle men and contractors get the major income and very little left over is given to the labor class. Korangi touches costal belt of Karachi, so fishing is also a popular source of income for this area.

Sughura’s father was jobless due to labor unions disputes in factories, when failed to get job  he started to do labor work on daily wages  poverty was overcoming their happiness  her marriage was planned but her family refused for her marriage.

Such circumstances made Sughra depressed and hurt she left to earn and isolated and was even thinking of suicide. During patients screening activity by HANDS – MARVI workers Sughra found to be a deserving patient. MARVI workers started treatment and counseling and frequent follow up visits until to turn her back to normal routine life.