Certificate distribution ceremony of MARVI workers training

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Certificate distribution ceremony of MARVI workers was held  on 30th September 2011 at Sindh Government Hospital Ibrahim Hyderi after the successful completion of ten days training on Reproductive Health Family Planning and Mental Health. This training was conducted with SHAMIL Project by HANDS and Pakistan Association for Mental Health. HANDS launched a community mental health initiative “SHAMIL” project in Bhittai colony, Korangi crossing, Karachi with other implementing partners “KARWAN-E-HAYAT (KeH)”, “Pakistan Association for Mental Health (PAMH)” and “Aman Foundation” Funded by THE i-CARE Foundation.

The event was started with the recitation of Holy Quran. Haji Shafi Muhammad Jamoote was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Ms. Rubina Jaffri presented the health status of Pakistan especially of  Sindh and given the introduction of SHAMIL project to the audience. Dr Uzma Umbreen presented the  status of mental health in Pakistan. The program was continued with the reflections of trainee — Marvi workers; through their role play. Dr. Aslam gave the reflection of MARVI model conceived in HANDS.  Ms. Essani presented the vote of thanks. The program was highly appreciated by  the  guests. At the end certificates were distributed among MARVI Workers. Social Marketing program over all coordinated the event in an excellent manner with the District Executive Manager, Karachi Urban Mr. Lal Din Balal,  Marvi workers, Mr. Ali Bux and other staff from Karachi Rural office , Mr. Shakeel  operation , Ms. Asia Bano Project Associate SHAMIL Ms. Huma Siddique and  Dr Khalid pervez

 Following were the participants of the event.

o   Haji Shafi Jamote (Ex District council chairman and political activist )

o   Mr. Abdul Samad Baloach   ( UC Secretary )

o   Dr. Ghulab Dars (AMS, Sindh Govt  Hospital )

o   Ms. Siraj-un-Nisa Essani, General Secretary HANDS

o   Mr. Sharjeel  Shafi (Program manager I Care)

o   Dr.  Uzama Ambreen ( Project Supervisor PAMH)

o   Dr. Anita Aijaz  ( Project Director PAMH)

o   Dr. Nazeela Bano  (Senior Registrar PAMH)

o   Mr. Raoof Ahmed Khan (Project  Manager KEH)

o   Dr. Nadia ( Assistant Manager Health Care AMAN Foundation)

o   Dr. Aslam Khan ( Chief Operating Executive  HANDS)

o   Dr. Irfan Ahmed  (GM Resource Mobilization)

o   Ms. Bilquis Rehman   ( GM ICR HANDS)

o   Ms. Rubina Jaffri    (GM Social Marketing )

o   Dr. Shabnam Paleejo   (APPM FALAH)


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