National Seminar
Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction
7th May 2011, at IBA Sukkur

Aligning Efforts in Disaster Management HANDS from Relief to Rehabilitation

HANDS is a registered, tax exempted, PCP Certified and European Union accredited Not for Profit Organization working since 1979. We are led by founder and present chairman Prof. A. Gaffar Billoo (Sitarae Imtiaz). HANDS is certified by Pakistan Center of Philanthropy (PCP) and Institutional Management Certification Program (IMCP) by USAID for management standards and registered with European Union, HADS is also exempted for income tax by the concern authorities.HANDS is benefiting more than 13 million population of 16703 villages in 24 districts of Pakistan through its regular program.HANDS has played key role in post flood scenario, we have invested more than Rs.02 billion during the relief and rehabilitation work with the help of dozens of partners.

Rescue and Relief:

Evacuation was the first step and 93,163 people were evacuated from the most vulnerable points by HANDS teams. 500 relief camps were established and supported 35,000 families (175,000 individuals). Each family was provided with shelter, which were in the form of tents for the time being, two to four months food, commodities, hygiene kits, water and sanitation hygiene facilities, health and education services and livestock services. HANDS immediately mobilized its 1264 Staff and 10,000 volunteers along with 40 vehicles besides deploying 2 boats in each city i.e Thatta, Kashmore and Jacobabad. A total of 83163 people were evacuated from the most vulnerable points by the HANDS Teams. HANDS had established more than 500 Relief Camps. We have provided support to more than 35,000 families and 245,000 family members.

HANDS has supplied in relief and More than 35000 tons of ration to families. We also supplied nearly 35000 hygiene kits. The Non Food Items were also supplied to 35000 families. HANDS ensured adequate WATER SUPPLY and toilet Facilities under the most challenging circumstances. HANDS Health Teams provided health services through more than 3500 medical mobile camps in 13 districts. Fixed Medical Camps were stationed at all Relief Camps in the flood affected areas that have seen 300,000 patients and conducted more than 5000 Health and Hygiene Awareness Sessions. Around 10,000 women were screened for antenatal and post natal care.
The medical team ensured more than 10,000 safe deliveries and provided with Reproductive Health kits comprising of required contraceptives after counseling session. HANDS under its NARI project provided free of cost services through voucher scheme of Dozens of health facilities from public and private sector. HANDS Education Program has organized more than 350 Temporary Camp Schools where more than 9500 children continue their education in camps. HANDS agriculture and livestock department worked on vaccination, de-worming and provision of fodder for more than 57000 goats,
buffalos, and bulls. By the grace of Allah and from the help of its partners HANDS has invested in this phase nearly 01 billion Pak Rs that is 10 million US dollars in kinds & cash in relief plan.

Plan of Rehabilitation
l Rebuilding of 1000 model villages in 3 years
l Rehabilitation of 50,000 families in 3 years
HANDS Disaster Management program started it’s “Early Recovery Plan” from
December 15 to February 15, 2011. The residents of camps start’s moving back to their village as soon as water recedes, through transports provided by HANDS. 35000 families moved back to their homes.
HANDS Research program conducted Rapid Assessment of the most effected villages and UCs, under its rehabilitation plan and selected 16 union councils in 7 districts of Sindh and one district of Baluchistan by the name of TAMEER (The Appropriate Measures for Early Recovery and Early Rehabilitation). HANDS TAMEER strategy is focused on family and village holistic
development. We have estimated the required funds of Rs. 08 billion that is 100 million US $ for next 03 years. The project will transform 1000 villages into model villages, 14 Union Councils and 50,000 families in building their houses, small businesses, revive live stock, village streets, water channels, roads, hand pumps , drainage, health and education services.
Alhamdulillah HANDS has invested more than a Billion Rupees in this phase and handed over to owners hundreds of villages,
thousands of shelters, entrepreneurs, live stocks and Infrastructure Schemes. Hundreds of MARVI Workers are now delivering primary health care services back by NARI voucher project for hospital referrals. More than a thousand Primary Schools have already been rehabilitated; thousands of teachers and more than a hundred thousand children are hence mobilized.
HANDS require your generous support to continue these efforts, to make it possible our dream to come true of TAMEER-e-Pakistan that is Let’s Rebuilt Pakistan to achieve HANDS vision of “Healthy, Educated and Prosperous Pakistan”.

Family Service Packages
1. Shelters (One permanent room, with veranda, Kitchen and latrine)
Model 1 – Rs. 87000/=, Model 02 – Rs. – 120,000/= Water and sanitation
facilities Rs. 11,000/=
3. Livestock/agriculture inputs/enterprise Rs. 22,000/=
4. Share of village infrastructure (street pavement etc.) Rs. 28,000/=
5. Education services in a year Rs. 5,000/=
6. Health services in a year Rs. 5,000/=


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