International Midwifery Day Celebration & Lamp Lighting Ceremony of CMWs Session 2016-2017


International Day of Midwifery was celebrated at CMW School HANDS Bin Qasim Town on 14th May 2016. Oath taking/ lamp lighting ceremony of junior students (March Batch.2016-17) of CMW School HANDS Jamkanda was also held during this event. All students one by one lighted their lamps from the lamp held by the Principal. All the midwifery students recited the midwifery oath. This ceremony was organized to make midwives dedicated, sincere to their profession to save motherhood and development of midwifery profession.  Lighting of lamp further symbolized transfer of knowledge, skills and spirit of midwifery. HANDS Health program and district team were special guest of the day. Senior CMW students welcomed their juniors. The program was managed by senior students along with their teacher. It was very good orientation for new and old students. Total 44 midwives and 20 guests participated.

Principal congratulated all students on the successful program and advised them to maintain highest standards of their noble profession and inculcate sense of maturity, empathy, dedication and commitment. The ceremony ended with refreshment and a beautiful program arranged by senior midwifery students.

This program gave message to all that “Midwives are here to save motherhood in rural areas” Main purpose of these events is to celebrate the international day of midwifery 2016, do advocacy about importance of midwives, celebrate Lamp lighting ceremony and welcome new midwifery students session.2016-17

Socio-economic development of societies


Socio-economic development of societies is the prime function of the state in resource-constrained countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan. This can be achieved by the active participation of all segments of the society. The limited capabilities of such governments have made it difficult to respond effectively to the growing needs of population at grass roots level. In this scenario HANDS is playing an effective role in development of Pakistan by running development programme such as livelihood security, sanitation and hygiene, women empowerment, child development, education, medical facilities, roads etc. HANDS has engaged its staff in strengthening of Community Based Organizations, promoting environmental and occupational health, facilitating a network of strong civil society organizations, promoting citizen leadership, monitoring policies and programmes of bilateral, multilateral and government agencies, to achieve an agenda of ‘governance where people matter.

Psychosocial Wellbeing Training

Psychosocial Wellbeing Training

The vulnerable group of women and children need psychosocial support to recover from disaster traumas. They are vulnerable particularly in traumatic situations during natural disasters/emergencies. It is essential to address their emotional and social needs through psychosocial support activities in a protective environment for a normal development.

Health promotion program

Worldwide, nearly 20 million children under five years are estimated to be suffering from severe acute malnutrition (SAM) at any given time. The recently published Lancet Series on maternal and child undernutrition recognises SAM as one of the top three nutrition-related causes of death in children under-five years.


HANDS Human and Institutional Development (HID) Program

HANDS is committed to provide quality services in Human and Institutional Development (HID) sector. The aim is to create a culture of learning where individuals and institutes take responsibility for their development in partnership with HANDS. The services of HID are offered in four main areas which include community trainings, professional development program, institutional development and consultancy services.


HANDS Infrastructure Development Energy WASH and Shelter (IDEAS) Program

HANDS Infrastructure Development Energy WASH and Shelter (IDEAS) Program is committed to provide good quality infrastructure to the target population. IDEAS program is a series of projects, based on the foundation of field tested best practices and proven capabilities. The innovative models by HANDS IDEAS are low cost, durable, socially acceptable and environment friendly


HANDS Livelihood Enhancement Program

Livelihood Enhancement Program was initiated in 1998 focusing on the development of communities through income generation opportunities, skills enhancement and overall improvement in livelihood of underprivileged.
This program has quite extensive activities divided in two components i.e. on-farm and off-farm.


HANDS Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) program

HANDS Monitoring, Evaluation and Research (MER) program is responsible for the monitoring of projects / programs, interventions/activities as well as conduction of internal and external researches. It is MER’s responsibility to establish and maintain Management Information System (MIS) throughout the organization from community to district office and head office level. All MIS tools for projects/programs are designed by MER.



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