Chief Minister of Sindh Sayed Murad Ali shah speaking during National Community Convention under the theme of “Let’s Develop Pakistan” arranged  by HANDS at Gaddap Karachi said that Pakistan Has  challenges of its own kind  because of its critical geopolitical situation that impact on our development pace. Even though we have moved forward in many mile stones but in few remain short of reaching to optimum levels  as of commitments under Millennium Development Goals in 2015. Now the 2030, Development agenda under SDGs is in front of us. Sindh Government is very somber and committed to achieve the millstones agreed under SDGs 2030. Quite a lot of formal arrangements are made by the Sindh Government in this affections. He furthers said that I hope the event will vitrine the handsomely textured prophecy produced by the wide spectrum of social and political movements, with distinct prominence on the role of children, youth and women in taking forward the ambitions. He further  said that I hope at the end, the HANDS 2030 strategy Development Process Recommendation will be amassed and published so that everyone may be benefited. This will inspire everyone to take the Development agenda forward to shape and build  a better Pakistan and Sindh.


Speaking at  NCC event Dr. Abdul Gaffar Billoo Chairman HANDS said that Global Communities are setting development targets for developing world like us. Health for all till 2000, was set by UN through Almata Declaration in 1978. In 2000 we were again given targets of Millennium Developments Goals (MDGs) by 2015. Even though we  moved forward in various milestones but in maximum targets we were behind the obligations. Now 2030 Development Agenda is a pronounced task for Pakistan. I know National and Provincial Governments  are belligerent to track the targets, But still we strongly urge to emphasis on the basic human rights including Health care, Education, livelihood, Water, Sanitation and shelter. Further Dr. Biloo Said that this is quite obvious now that Government cannot afford all these in isolation without engaging communities and Civil society organizations. He said that HANDS has strong economic support from all Provincial Governments especially from Government of Sindh under the leadership of Syed Murad Ali Shah, the chief minister of Sindh.


Dr. Shaikh Tanveer Ahmed  CEO HANDS addressing the event said that keeping in view the SGDs 2030 goals, HANDS is providing services to 3.3 Million Direct beneficiaries through its  33 offices in all over the country and now has reached up to 18500 villages in 53 Districts of Pakistan through 65 projects of 1.5 to 2 billion PKR budget. He said that our goal is to  make  25000 communities as model communities up to 2030. Sharing the achievement of HANDS,  Dr. Tanveer informed that during the period from  2010 to 2017 HANDS  constructed 8587 Shelters accommodation  in Pakistan with the budget of Pak  Rs 150,000/-  during the same period 2010 -2017 HANDS provided 26493 Water Sanitation schemes to communities with the cost of Rs 30,000/- to 87000/-,simultaneously  working on School Development  have trained 5661 teachers of 4628 Schools in this way  0.36 million students got indirect benefit through the HANDS. During the event CEO HANDS said that by  this time through 3604 Misali/Marvi workers of 20 Districts of Pakistan we have reached up almost 04 Million of the people. Health services are being  provided through Public Private Partnership through 34 Health Facilities , during the year 2016-2017 almost 1.56 million people are directly benefited. Further he said that the HANDS Independent Living Centre (ILC)  is an advance facility and unique resource for  Disabilities. It generates opportunity for them to acquire the expertise for day-to-day life, which help them maximum liberation in their daily lives. He said that for the development of Livelihood HANDS granted amount of Rs  284.8 million  regarding agricultural determinations while the amount of Rupees 373.2 million is  for non-agriculture livelihood purposes to needful communities and is  Rs 40,000 average cost per  person as  self-employment. Ministers, MNAs and others from civil society well known members of Sindh lauded upon the efforts taken by HANDS in regard of agenda of 2030 SDGs and discussed the importance. Seminar recommendations declared as Access to basic amenities and services e.g adequate food, clothes, shelter, health care, education, water and sanitation, Peaceful environment, Protection of life, property, dignity and also protection of disabled, vulnerable and marginalized people and groups, Right to have access to information to make informed decision and safeguard against dishonest or misleading advertising and marketing this also was among recommendations that The right to elect the local representatives of local democratic institutions; freedom to engage in electoral democratic process and involve in decision making and development projects.


To have citizens voice in the making decision of government policies and in the execution of these policies and strategies.The right to have easy, timely and affordable access to justice and receive fair settlement of just claims including compensation for losses,To live and work in an environment that is not hazardous to the wellbeing of present and future generations.